tools_icon Pre MOT inspection

All cars over 3 years old must have an annual MOT test in order to legally use the roads within the UK. Did you know over 30% of cars fail on minor items like blown light bulbs or worn-out wiper blades? Remember not all MOT stations offer a free re-test if your car were to fail and this could end up being costly.

At Bushey Car Spares we’re here to advise you on how to prepare your car for the test and assist on the prevention of failure. We have all the items you need to make sure your car passes with flying colours. Our practical advice is also a potential opportunity for you to learn about the general mechanical condition of your car.

service_icon Car Service

Whenever your service is due, be sure to pop into Bushey Car Spares for a full service. Our experienced technicians will carry out the usual maintenance tasks and thoroughly service your vehicle from changing the engine oil all the way through to inspecting and replacing the timing belt if needed.

A service is carried out either after a certain period of time or when a certain distance is reached. Each car manufacturer has its own recommendations on when your car should be serviced, be sure to refer to your car manual for more details; but which ever one comes first make sure we are first choice in taking care of your vehicle.

battery_icon Free Battery Check

Faulty batteries are one of the main reasons for car breakdown. It is the only power source to your car so it’s easy to see why it is important to have a healthy maintained battery. A battery can go dead for a number of reasons, including cold weather conditions, frequent short journeys or just simply old age.

Checking the condition of your car battery system is available at Bushey Car Spares. Our QUICK and FREE test will help determine whether failure is expected or you still have a healthy battery. Don’t worry, if failure is looming we have a wide variety of batteries to fit your car should you need one.

alternator_icon Free Alternator Check

The battery and alternator go hand in hand therefore it is just as important to test the alternator as it is to test the battery. The alternator is what keeps the battery charged.

Checking the condition of your car alternator system is available at Bushey Car Spares. Our QUICK and FREE test will help determine whether the alternator is losing its charge. Don’t worry, if loss of voltage is imminent we have a wide variety of alternators to fit your car should you need one.



exhaust_icon Exhaust Repairs

The cars exhaust system is what channels the the poisonous fumes generated by the car engine. These toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide require a fully working exhaust system to completely evacuate these types of gases so it’s essential the exhaust system is in full working order.

But over time the parts of the exhaust can become corroded leaving a noticeable difference on your cars performance as well as potentially leaving dangerous gases behind. Here at Bushey Car Spares we we can provide a variety of repairs from bandaging and sealant to full exhaust and back box replacement.